Sunday, 19 July 2015

Anticipating on Brake Failure and Burst Tire

Brake failure and burst tire while driving car become the biggest scourge. If not properly anticipated when it happens, it will inevitably lead to an accident.Handling properly so the safety lock. The following precaution submitted a professional driver, when suddenly have a brake failure or burst tire while driving. 
Brake failure 
This condition usually occurs for several reasons, among others, leaking brake fluid circuit, false wind (no air in the brake circuit due to expansion) and the fluid temperature rises.Anticipation first, beat the brakes at least three times. Aided also by activating the parking brake by up to 50 percent. If it does not lead to reduced rate, the next step lower gear sequentially to the lowest position. 
Burst Tire 
First, do not panic! Hold the steering wheel harder, keep the direction of the car remains straight. Do not directly perform deceleration or braking suddenly as freeing the gas pedal and immediately hit the brakes. Feel the biggest wobble first source comes from nowhere (front / rear) to determine the tire that burst.If the rupture front, steps should be taken to be extra careful. Reduce the speed by releasing the accelerator slowly and gradually. The goal, so that displacement does not occur in extreme weight forward. Furthermore, activate the parking brake gradually to help reduce speed. At least, if the speed of 40 kph, the new car marginalized.
When the rear tire bursting, to slow the pace of the car can be done more quickly by directly removing the gas pedal and braking. Do not forget to mark the turn when it was about to change lanes.

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